“A wonderful biographical journey.”
– “Until My Heart Grows Quiet” named one of UTR Media’s Best Gourmet Songs of 2020.

“The Promise Is Hope ‘Anxiety Relief’ concerts sharing hope and donations”
Worcester Magazine article, January 2021

“Ash and Eric never fail to please the audience with their delightful stories, harmonies and beautiful song-crafting! Everyone went away feeling refreshed and warmed from their performance.”

– Louise Baker, Talent Buyer Isis Music Hall Asheville, NC/Booking Agent, Backer Booking February 2020

“Thank you to The Promise Is Hope for a beautiful show at the BCAC Cat In The Cradle Coffeehouse on Saturday, May 18 2019. It was clear from the audience reaction that everyone enjoyed their beautiful, emotive original songs. Ashley and Eric independently are each talented musicians & songwriters… collectively the duo magic begins! Their songs are thoughtful with well-crafted lyrics. Their effortless vocal harmonies and established music arrangements are pure pleasure! We look forward to having the duo return to the Cat In The Cradle Coffeehouse.
– Trish DeCaprio – BCAC, May 2019

The Promise is (more than) Hope.  Ash and Eric L’Esperance provide a sincere and nuanced performance.  We were so happy to be able to have them perform at Voices Cafe.”

– Tim Wilson, Voices Cafe-Westport, CT March 2019

“The Promise Is Hope (Ashley and Eric L’Esperance) [showcased] delicate intertwined harmonies in songs about hope, growth, and mortality…it has that pure ring of truth that goes right through you, leaving chills in its wake.”
My Emu is Emo, March 10, 2019

“What a wonderful night with The Promise Is Hope at The Songmaker Series.  Next time they come, you have to go.  Wonderful direct songwriting, BEAUTIFUL harmonies, and great delivery.  You will definitely be hearing from them again!  When you see them on Ellen, remember I told you so!”
– John Hill, Booking Agent – The Songmaker Series-Charlottesville, VA February 2019

“The duo both have superb voices and blend together to great effect”
– Richard Duckett – Worcester Telegram & Gazette Featured Article, February 9, 2019

“The L’Esperance’s tapestry of shimmering guitars and enfolding voices goes beyond transcending sorrow. They find the thread between daily life and tragedy and imbue the route with meaning.”

– Pat Moran, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, December 2018

“These guys hit all the marks as far as I am concerned. Professional, spiritual, personable, just right emotionally. Their overall presentation was top notch in terms of a musical performance.”
– Larry Stephen, UTR Media October 2018

“Defined by its minimalist arrangement, ‘Every Seed Must Die’ is a gorgeously crafted song that hinges more on its story and how it’s conveyed than any particular hooks or frills. All the L’Esperances need are their collective heart to ferry ahead, manifesting in the delicate sweetness of their harmonies…”
– Jonathan Frahm, For Folks Sake August 2018

“The songwriting on this album is exceptional and the messages are far more uplifting than dour. If this was to be some kind of therapy I think they succeeded. I come away from many of these [songs] cleansed.”
– John Aspice, No Depression July 2018

“Each song on this body of work breathes strength and repose through vulnerability. Stripped down vocals—shifting between Eric’s raspy vocals to Ashley’s more classically inspired sound—support gently plucked acoustic guitar and stunning lyrics that establish the duo’s beautiful soul.”
– Jessica Pavia, Sound of Boston July 2018

The Promise is Hope featured in Daily Country Essential 8
– The Daily Country July 2018

Every Seed Must Die listed “Best Albums of 2018 (So Far)”
– UTR Media June 2018

“The Promise is Hope had a great night at Club Passim, which was filled to the brim with enthusiastic support from an audience overjoyed to hear them…Ashley and Eric L’Esperance were bold and honest in this album…of well-crafted and deeply meaningful songs.”
– Reid Simpson, Hear and There Photography June 2018

Music video for “Brother” debuted on DittyTV.com in May 2018.

“…[R]ich, emotional voices and the subtle instrumentation beneath them. It is folk music, but folk that doesn’t find any quick or easy comparisons. Instead, it might be said that the L’Esperance’s have found their unique path within the storied tradition.”
-Jedd Beaudoin, Pop Matters May 2018

‘Brother’ featured in Blue Ridge Outdoors May 2018 “Trail Mix”

Regarding Every Seed Must Die, “the album is stunning!”
– Jessica Phaneuf, Music Director/DJ MVY Radio

“You’re going to LOVE these guys.”
– Dave Trout, Under the Radar Media, Gourmet Music Podcast Ep. 14

“Their songs are lined with rich vocal harmonies, often times interweaving into one collective and solitary sound of 2 guitars and 2 voices.”
-Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots Premiere’s ‘Brother’ Video, May 2018

“With spare, acoustic instrumentation enhanced by crisp and focused production, the pair’s delicate harmonies are allowed to soar, a testament to their true musical talent.”
-Mother Church Pew, ‘Brother’ Premiere, April 2018

“Every Seed Must Die features eleven original songs of love, life, loss, despair, hope, and, ultimately redemption. Their voices blend so well together that lovers of exquisite harmonies will relish these cuts…breathtakingly stunning.”
-Don & Sheryl Crow, Nashville Blues Society, April 2018

“…a classic college coffeehouse folk album.  Down mouth without being shoegaze, it does offer hope that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train.”
-Chris Spector, Midwest Record Vol. 41/No. 171

“Every Seed Must Die is a remarkably brave and beautiful album. It takes courage to read your personal diary through song, and share your heart without censoring and sanitizing your honesty with your listeners. Eric and Ashley succeed in creating an album that is a musical journey that positions us as spectators of their personal melodic and lyrical revelation that with each chapter of life that closes, a new chapter begins. And this new chapter points towards a hope that outpaces the doubts, difficulties, and losses of life.”
Ian Zumback, Singer-Songwriter/Performer

“Every Seed Must Die is captivating. Somehow melancholy and hopeful at the same time.”
-Luke Condon, songwriter/performer for Town Meeting

“The Promise is Hope came out of nowhere to blow us away. With a polished, mature sound, their catchy songs were a big hit with our audience.”
-Ben Ruddock, Creative Director – Riverwalk Cafe and Music Bar, Nashua NH

“Strikingly upbeat and cheery, their stage performance evokes a cherished, nearly nostalgic style, like the 60s folk acts.”
-Reid Simpson, Hear and There Photography, November 2017

“The couple’s vocals dance above the sweetly plucked acoustic guitar and piano — there’s an intimacy and chemistry that’s evident between them. [They] have bared their souls on “Mary-Ann,” and all they ask of us is to listen.”
-Anna Marketti, ‘Allston Pudding’: Premiere: ‘Mary-Ann’ February 2017

“Uniquely intimate…it really makes you feel as if you’re part of a tiny gathering with these musicians, even if you’re just listening through MP3 or something”
– Andrew Sun, Founder of the Dartmouth Bluegrass Society, October 2016

“I am awestruck with the harmonies that Ashley & Eric L’Esperance are able to blend and spin together. Truly beautiful and moving…there is an effortless feel to how they sing together, like they were made to create music as a seamless grouping.”
– Brian Carroll, ‘Red Line Roots’ June 2015

The album “feels honest…[and] offers something for both romantics and realists alike.”
-Matt Johnson, ‘Sound of Boston’ June 2015

“The duo has captured something exceedingly personal…”
– Sarah Connell, ‘Worcester Love’ interview: “Worcester’s Acoustic Power Couple” June 2015