A Celebration of Spring in Worcester

Quiet Hands || Live at The Red House

Surviving winter in Worcester is no easy task. We live at the base of snow systems coming down from New Hampshire’s White Mountains. We get Canadian winds through March and April, and we are careful not to hang up the heavy winter coats until May 1st. The public school system is revving up for another long year, having to makeup the 5 snow days we took, keeping kids in school until June 23rd. The trees are just starting to bud, and our dense city is beginning to dust itself off and slowly open its doors again to the possibility of warmth and new life. The sounds of reggaeton seep through our glass doors, and the Farmer’s Almanac says we can almost put our spring seeds into the ground. It’s a good feeling. A slow, but wildly welcome, return.

A couple of years ago, on a perfect spring evening, we invited a few of our closest friends to our humbly tucked away Red House to sing some songs on the upstairs porch. The kid living on the 3rd floor had just been evicted for running some kind of small-scale “business venture” to support his pizza addiction and surely gain popularity at the local State College. The doors & windows were shattered, but we carefully treaded up to the empty apartment’s porch during the golden hour on a beautiful spring day to film a live video of our song “Quiet Hands”.

Even though it was filmed a while ago, today feels like a perfect opportunity to finally release this video. The beginnings of spring right outside our door today remind us of the magic of making music with our friends as the sun set on our warming city that night.

We hope you enjoy this little taste of our favorite place. Made whole with our favorite people, of course.

Austin Troy – Banjo
Ben Trussell (Comrades) – Percussion
Peter L’Esperance – Trumpet
Gleifer Coghetto – Bass
Ash & Eric L’Esperance – vox & guitar
Filmed by:
John Rupeck
Edited by:
Ben Trussell