A River and a Tiny Desk

If you have not yet heard, we have begun to announce at our shows that The Promise is Hope is planning to record our second album this upcoming fall. We have been thinking about it for some time now (almost a year), but have felt a sense of uncertainty in how to approach a new project. Our first album came together so organically from writing on through to recording and printing. A good friend of ours’ blessed us hugely and took the cost of the recording project upon himself. At the time we would not have been able to record, but his generosity made our hope a reality!

Looking forward, we have been researching studios, and discussing the benefits of moving forward with one of these options, but we did not sense in our hearts that the right opportunity had yet presented itself. Then through a remarkable series of moving pieces including Eric’s dad, a complete stranger (now good friend), and a sincerely supportive band of quality individuals, we have found ourselves making plans to record in a studio we had previously never heard of in a part of the country that we had previously never visited! We will have more to say about that soon (along with a new single recorded at this mystery studio so just hang tight).

We mention all of this because we have been working on some new song material. For those of you who are closest to us it will not come as a surprise that our new songs are giving words and expression to a season of darkness that we have been passing through. This season has been marked by loss on many levels, including the passing of family members, suicide, the dissolution of a tight knit community, and raw awareness of hatred, bigotry, and oppression in our national climate. Our newest song is called “A River”, and was penned as a reflection of being right smack in the midst of the hardest time on the darkest night. It is full of weary questions and doubt, wondering if there is any strength and compassion from without that can carry us through to the other side. The petitioner is met with a response from a heart of love who has also been through the dark night of the soul. There is a promise that this love will never fail, and that the night, while so very dark, must be followed by a new sunrise.

We have so many questions, doubts, and fears, and I know that we are not alone in that. If you are in that season right now, we are hear to say that you are not alone. We do not know when the daylight will break, but we do our best in the darkness to remind ourselves that light will come, that hope will persist, and that force at work in center of everything we see is a force of love and goodness that is making everything new.

Inside the Sprinkler Factory Gallery & Artist Space, Worcester, MA

So what does this all have to do with a tiny desk? Inspired by their Tiny Desk concert series, each year NPR solicits emerging and “undiscovered” artists to submit songs performed by a desk. We performed A River at a little desk in a Sprinkler Factory turned art gallery. We owe a big thanks to our friend, Mike Palumbo, for lending his skill to capture the moment. You can see the video below.