Bad News, Good News, Old News, New News.

Good morning fellow Americans, up to your necks in news! Beer me strength, I have already gotten lost in a few Facebook news articles today. Snopes-ing, fact-checking and comment-arguing. Why? Why do we do it to ourselves? The information overload is so overwhelming some days.

Well, today, you get to read some normal, nice, news about a pretty innocent little folk duo, who happens to be husband & wife.

We’ve had a lot of stuff happening and with all of those Facebook articles buzzing past all of our faces, we figured we’d offer you a good ole fashioned Newsletter to let you know what’s been happening in our lives.

Here’s what’s been up in TPIH-world.

As they say, it’s always best to start here.


The Bad News

Moving into 2019, we were feeling optimistic and great. Who doesn’t love January 1st, with its aroma of high-achieving Resolutions and fresh start-i-ness. *We’re gonna get off those phones!* *Let’s detox!* *I WILL journal every day!*

The second week of January came and went and, of course, many horses were fallen off of. Oh, well. We were looking forward to a quick jaunt of shows in Long Island & Connecticut. Well, without sparing you every detail, the shows were cancelled at the last second. We were mega bummed, to say the least. We spent the weekend on the couch eating vegan junk food (yuh-huh, there IS such a thing) and wallowing.

We pulled ourselves out of our self-pity by Friday and played an amazing show. (We’ll tell you about that in a second; a great show obviously doesn’t belong in “The Bad News” category.) Saturday, we went over to our friends’ house! It was totally lovely – we played BEATLES ROCK BAND, you guys! We got to their house at 7pm and there were rumors (OK, there were apocalyptic news warnings all week) that the snow would start soon. Like good New Englanders, we ignored the panic and continued our super successful Beatles tour. At midnight, we went outside to find a foot of snow where our car had once been and a grumpy fellow bulldozing said snow who told us our car had been towed. $145 later and a very dangerous 1-mile trip through the iciest streets we’d seen in a while, we were home in bed by 1:30am.

Our trusty steed atop a Vermont mountain. Somehow, the mile through the icy city streets were too much for her this time.

Lesson learned. Don’t underestimate a good ole Nor’easter, no matter how many you’ve survived.

The Good News

The day before the Great Jetta Mishap of 2019, we played a truly amazing show. 50 of our dearest friends, fans & family-members came out to celebrate a great night of music here in our hometown of Worcester. It was really delightful.

Us & some of the L’Esperance crew at Worcester PopUp Friday 1/18/19

At the show, we debuted our brand new music video for “Lullaby”. It was really special to share the video with our Worcester peeps, because it was filmed right down the street from where we stood that night. BirchTree Bread Company has been dear friends & colleagues for the past 4 years and they let us shoot a live video in their cafe way after hours. It was cool to be able to show the video to a room full of people who could all probably say, “Hey, I’ve been there!”

Then, we premiered the video online a few days later. The reception was amazing and it had over 2800 views on Facebook in just a couple of days. Wanna watch it? Here it is.

The Old News

We’re calling this “Old News”, not because we love it less, but because you probably already know some of this. BUT if you’ve missed it (or just REALLY wanted to hear it again), there have been two really fun ongoing things happening lately:

  • We’ve been sharing free tracks off of our Instrumental album for the past few weeks, and we will continue sharing new tracks every Friday until March. If you haven’t signed up yet – what the heck are you waiting for!?
  • Another awesome piece of news: We’re going on tour very soon! We’re heading south in February (probably a good thing, since Nor’easters don’t seem to like us very much) and are psyched to be playing a lot of really fun shows. Here’s where we’ll be:

If you live in any of these areas, come out! If you have friends in any of these areas, share this info with them – we’d love to meet them. Info for shows can be found here.

The New News

One of our favorite media outlets, UTR Media, just came out with a Top 11 Albums of 2018. We didn’t make the top 11 (the albums they chose were…. SERIOUSLY AMAZING, YOU GUYS), but we made their critics’ choice. Yay! Check it.

*SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT!* We are so excited to be joining our friend, Jesse Terry, at Voices Cafe (Westport, CT) on March 9th! This is an amazing venue and is going to be an incredible night. Here are all the deets.

Last but not least, our Instrumental track, River, got picked up by a really cool Spotify playlist and got… um… over 18,000 streams. In a couple days. That’s crazy-pants. We’re viral, y’all!! Here’s that playlist, called “Sweater Weather Instrumentals”.

So, there it all is, friends! We hope this was a nice respite from your regularly scheduled programming of life.

We also sincerely hope you’re having a wonderful winter and that we see you sooner rather than later.

Lots of love,
A + E