“Arise” the Official Music Video

The act and process of song writing is as unique and diverse as the number of song writers who are out there. The more we chat with other musicians and song writers, the more we have come to understand that there is not a clear-cut formula to crafting a new tune. Many of our listeners are curious to hear about our writing process as a duo and a married couple, and some are surprised to learn that Ash and I do not co-write our songs, but craft them separately and then come together to flesh out the parts we each will play for the new tune.

I wrote “Arise” several years before I met Ash at a time in my life where my heart was longing for someone to call “my darling.” I was blessed (or cursed) with a romantic heart from a young age, and never doubted that I would someday fall in love and get married. I recall sitting down to write the song almost as a prayer, knowing that I did not have the love I would sing about, and wondering if the day would come where I could look at my partner and gratefully express that “my life is full with you.” Much of the song’s imagery is inspired by passages from a book of the Bible called the Song of Solomon. In these sensual passages of scripture, the author does not hold back in expressing his heart and passion for his new found lover.

While the song had been written for some time, I chose only share it with my close friends. It wasn’t until Ash and I were engaged, started dreaming up The Promise is Hope, and recording Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going that I felt ready to make it public. As we composed a record documenting our experience of falling in love, and transitioning into a new life together, it became clear that “Arise” now had a place to be showcased.

The happy couple & wedding party after the ceremony. 

The idea for the music video developed after my brother Peter and his soon-to-be wife Cassie asked us to stand with them as part of their wedding party, and to sing “Arise” as the processional and recessional for their ceremony. We excitedly devised a plan to capture the day’s events on camera, and combine it all into a music video for the song. Ash and I each carried a camera around that day, and with the help of our good friend Piper, were able to compile a bunch of footage for the video.

We are excited to share the final product with you below! We dedicate the video to Pete and Cassie, who we love a whole bunch. We hope you enjoy, and we thank you, our listeners, for all of your love and support.