Better Together #3: Shane Palko and The Rabbit & The Dragonfly

10405652_10156406516890282_8763502895074100235_nShane Palko was pretty instrumental in the creation of The Promise is Hope (and our marriage). My first time meeting Shane was in the fall of 2012. He came up to visit some mutual friends in Worcester who quickly introduced us as fellow singer-songwriters and passionate musicians. I was in the early process of finishing The College Town EP, and Eric & I were leading worship occasionally together but hardly knew each other. After an impromptu jam, Eric, Shane & I played music together all week, stayed up late frolicking around Worcester, and started a lasting friendship. After Shane left from that trip, Eric and I continued our friendship and the rest is history.

Shane has been one of our most supportive influences. We have watched him tour the US and Southeast Asia and have consistently been inspired by his artistry and songwriting. We played the majority of our dates on our last tour with Shane, and every single night we could hear him sing an old song in a new way. Listening to these songs reminded us why we love songwriting so much. We have been touched, humbled, inspired and encouraged by his music, and we are proud and glad to call him a friend and comrade.

Take a listen to some of Shane’s music here.

Eric in the Narnian wardrobe at The Rabbit & The Dragonfly. Lancaster, PA.

On our January tour with Shane, we visited a quaint and magical spot in Lancaster, PA. It was one of those nights that we forgot we had to play. Chatting with Dave, one of the passionate managers of The Rabbit & The Dragonfly, was so invigorating and inspiring that we almost forgot why we were there! This small bookstore/cafe in Lancaster was one of our very favorite places to play on our last tour. The cafe was opened by a group of people who were inspired by the creative community fostered by authors like C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien. Their mission is “to promote community, collaboration, and creative inspiration that will fuel connections and promote life in our city.” There are many venues that promise this mission, but very few who successfully become a place where other musicians in our community will boast about. They have welcomed creatives and musicians with open arms, and are now known as a spot where touring artists can go to share their art and be appreciated and taken care of. They have only been open for a short time, and have already showcased a slew of incredible musicians and have hosted hundreds of amazing events.

We’ll be returning with Shane Palko to The Rabbit & The Dragonfly this Friday, May 20th at 7:00pm. If you are in Eastern PA, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Gorgeous songs in an incredibly beautiful venue! 

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