Where We’ve Been ... It was a rainy wintry night, the 29th of January, two years ago today. We sat
Eric & I are definitely morning people. Eric wakes up around 7 every morning, and I demonstrate the fraction of
  I had to stand behind the sound guy on my tip-toes to get the perfect view of Joy &
"The music industry is cruel." Have you ever heard that? We certainly have. People remind us all the time that
It’s old folklore in my family that my dad taught Jonny & Steve Rodgers how to play the guitar. Legend
Shane Palko was pretty instrumental in the creation of The Promise is Hope (and our marriage). My first time meeting
We love our city. For those of you reading who live in/near Worcester, you might know what we're talking about.
Like the prospectors of the Colorado Gold Rush who flocked to Pike’s Peak in search of precious metals, one of
If you have not yet heard, we have begun to announce at our shows that The Promise is Hope is
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