We don’t need to tell you – we are living through strange times.

So many of us are really hurting right now.

With events across the country being cancelled for the foreseeable future, musicians are also taking a hard hit. We make most of our money touring, and now, we can’t play shows. We’ve lost our main source of income and could use the support of this community now more than ever.

We also know that you could maybe use us more than ever.

We are making A LOT of music now that we are “grounded” and we are trying to share that music with you A LOT, too. Music is therapeutic, and we don’t take our jobs lightly — especially in time of crisis and uncertainty.

Here are some ways that we are sharing ourselves with our community right now, and ways that our community is helping us through this season:


We’re also going live every weekday morning at 8:30am, just to check in and say hi. It’s been really great for us to start our day with a sense of community and a moment of peace, and we hope it could be for you, too.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook or Instagram and pop onto either platform at 8:30 weekday mornings for our “Morning Moment”.

If you’re feeling generous and want to help out another way, we always accept tips + would love if you bought some music/merch from us.

50% of all donations that come in during our Thursday night “Anxiety Relief” concerts will be donated to Family Health Center of Worcester.

Another 10% of all music sales, commissions, Patreon contributions, etc. will be donated to Family Health Center of Worcester as well.

We’ll see you soon.

Be well. Be safe. Be healthy.

We love you.

Ash + Eric