A “Thank You” Letter from Eric

Hi everyone – as much as I’d like you to think that all of those wonderful posts from The Promise is Hope are composed by both of us, I should admit that Ash does *most* of the writing. I really appreciate all of the work she does in communicating with you all. That said, I did want to take some time this afternoon to write you all a letter of thanks.

As you know, we spent the previous month campaigning to raise $9000 to assist us in maximizing our album release strategy for Every Seed Must Die. As the post-campaign dust has began to settle for me this week, I was able to start to soak in the support that you all showed us through that process. I’ll admit to having times where we feel alone in our journey, and we lose sight of the many of you cheering us on. The backing and excitement that you have shown us through the campaign has inspired me all the more to keep pushing forward and working hard in this journey be the best songwriters and performers that we can be. Many of you not just backed us financially, but sent us notes, messages, and texts, or made calls, and encouraged us the whole way through it. I am so excited to get this album out into the world, and into the hands of as many listeners as possible. I certainly don’t feel like we are putting this out there alone. Instead it feels like we’re launching it out there with the backing of 175 other people! That is just so cool and inspiring for me, and I want you all to know how grateful I am.

I’d love to share a bit of my story with you all. I have vivid memories from my young childhood, around 6 0r 7, of being captured or enraptured by a song. There were certain guitar lines, lyrics, and even a saxophone solo that would make the hair stand on my arms and steal my breath away. I felt that it was such a gift to have something that another person wrote or performed move my heart in such a way. It wasn’t until almost 10 years after that in my mid-teens that I first was able to verbalise my desire to do that for other people. As I’ve grown, I have been able to recognize that songs have been the primary way that I have processed my life, felt my feelings, and came to understand my experiences. It was the words of a songwriter that would help connect the dots for me, and it is not a countless experience to have heard a song and say “that’s EXACTLY how I am feeling right now.” It’s at this point in my life that I can see that since I was just a little boy I have wanted to write a song that would do just that for others. I want to connect with a listener through my words and sounds, to say “you are not alone, I’ve lived that too.” I’ve travelled a few roads in my lifetime, but this is the first road that feels truly mine. Music was one of my very first loves, and I have not been able to ignore its call. There are many days where, amidst the struggle, self-doubt, and demand, I just can’t believe that I get to write and perform music for my job. It is a true honor, and a humbling thing, to have folks like you who believe in what we are doing, and are backing us to go do it!

It is equally a humbling and a joyful thing to hear from many of you about the different ways our songs have served your hearts, and helped you connect dots in your life. It’s my hope that the songs we wrote for Every Seed Must Die will carry you through the storms and valleys, and be a reminder that there is sun behind the clouds, and mountain tops ahead. I hope that there is a lyric or two that give you a sense that you are understood and not alone. That would be incredible.

From the bottom of my heart I say “thank you” to each person who has supported us through sharing our songs, coming to shows, purchasing merch, and sending us messages.

And if I am writing a “thank you” letter, then it’s only right to say a deep thank you to Ashley L’Esperance, my wife and partner-in-crime. Ash, I am so tremendously grateful for your partnership, encouragement, adventurousness, and love for building an awesome life to share. I’m proud and amazed at how far we’ve come together, and how much we’ve grown along the way.

Thanks for reading. All my best,


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