We provide 2-4 hours of live, acoustic entertainment for you, your friends & loved ones for your:

  • birthday
  • retirement
  • anniversary
  • holiday
  • family reunion
  • casual wedding
  • we’re-just-partying-because-why-not

party or event! If you’ve got the place & the people, we’ll bring the music. We play creative covers of your favorite songs – radio hits, Motown, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Ray LaMontagne, traditional Irish & Appalachian tunes, and many more. For a list of our full song book, click here. We’ll also throw in some of our originals from time to time. To listen to our album, click here.

We are available to play weeknights and weekends, with a month’s notice. We can play indoors or outdoors, in the living room or by the pool – all we need is an electrical outlet or extension cord, and we can set up the rest. We only take up about 15 square feet, so we can happily play in a small corner of the party, or take up more room if you have it!


To discuss availability and rates, please email us at