how we make it work

Hi, good morning. We just woke up from a two-day nap.

We got out of the car from 36 hours of driving, and went right to sleep. Rubbing the sleepies out of our eyes now and we wanted to fill you in on what we’ve been up to!

This weekend, we drove to Indiana to be part of an event called Escape to the Lake. This event was a conference/retreat/festival put on by our good friends at UTR Media where we were able to share music and enjoy the company of people just like us.

People who make music about life.
People who try to bring that music to whomever they can, driving around the country with their guitars packed in little cars & vans.
People who aren’t writing songs that’ll hit the Billboard charts or Top 40 anytime soon.
People who are trying to figure out how to get their songs heard, in a world where Bhad Bhabie* and the yodeling Walmart kid* are getting 15 minutes of viral fame and Coachella sets.

*don’t worry, we just figured out who they are, too.

It was great to be with those people.
People like us.
People who love what they do more than anything, and are trying to make it work.

Trying to sell albums.
Trying to find audiences.
Trying to share this thing we feel we were given to share, with people who want to hear it.
Trying to eat & pay the rent in the meantime.

It’s a tricky business, but someone’s gotta do it.

We talked about wanting to quit some days.
Okay, fine. More than half of the days.
(Just trying to be honest here!)

We talked about the dying CD industry.
The bad reviews.
The way a lot of people don’t understand what we do.
The ways we’ve been ripped off by record labels or promoters.
The list of discouragements go on and on.

And then we sat together and played songs for one another.
And we were moved to tears.

Because something happens when you hear a song.
Your heart is touched by another heart.

Someone you’ve never even met is suddenly speaking a secret language that you never knew anyone else understood until that moment. They sing a song about their divorce and your heart whispers, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know anyone else knew what that felt like.” Or they tell a story about Africa, a place you’ve never been, and suddenly you can see the whole landscape.

Music lets us communicate in a way that is beyond all understanding.
It transmits peace, and joy, and empathy, in a way sometimes words can’t do.
What a feeling.

That feeling?
That’s why we do it.

So, we make it work.

We drive 2,000 miles,
and sleep on air mattresses,
and sell our houses,
and homeschool our kids,
and live off of Chipotle,
and sell T-shirts,
And CDs in an industry where music is free,
And crowdfund,
And send emails until 2am,
And play to empty rooms for less money than is reasonable.

Why? Because we love that feeling.
The feeling that there is so much joy in music.
That it cuts into the human experience so deeply and profoundly.
That it lets us connect.
We love it so much,
that we just can’t quit.

Know where is the best place to find that feeling?

Living rooms.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? The living room is where we connect, right? Maybe we’re in front of the TV, maybe we’re having a fight, maybe we are enjoying a meal with friends. Connecting. The heart of the home. The living room is where all of the magic happens. (Despite what MTV Cribs always said about the bedroom).

Most musicians will tell you that the best venue is the living room.

Because that’s what musicians are all about:

And that’s what people who LOVE MUSIC are all about:

House shows are popping up all over the country, and for good reason.

They allow musicians to connect with fans in the most intimate setting.
They allow music-lovers to support musicians directly, by giving them an amazing venue with active listeners.
They allow friends to invite friends into their living rooms and enjoy a little bit of real, down-to-earth, connective living together.

In a place in time where we all seem quite disconnected, this sounds like a great solution, right?

It absolutely is.

If you’ve never considered hosting a house show before, please think about whether or not this would be something you’d love to do.
If you have considered hosting a house show (or have hosted one before), thank you. On behalf of the whole music community, you are making a huge difference.

We put together a little FAQ about house shows here and we’d love for you to take a look. We would absolutely love to do some life with you & your community. To bring music and joy into your home and spend an evening really connecting. What do you think? Shoot us an email at if you have any thoughts; we’d love to hear from you.