Ivy Child Int. & Main IDEA: Meet two Worcester organizations we love

We love our city.

For those of you reading who live in/near Worcester, you might know what we’re talking about. (For those of you who don’t, come up here and see what you’re missing!) We’ve seen more people engaging lately in this great community than ever before. There are innumerable organizations, businesses and events actively offering activities and support for the Worcester community, and we love each and every one of you! This week, we want to tell you about TWO of those great organizations that are making change in our city, and how we are involved with them (and how you can be, too!)


was established in 2011 in Worcester and is a leading resource in providing cross-cultural health education and psychological services for children and families. They provide resources for caregivers, community leaders, and healthcare organizations to receive guidance on fostering mindfulness and psychological health in child-centered environments.

They have been hosting an annual FREE event YOGA IN THE PARK in Worcester for the past 4 years. Their YITP event has served over 1600 people to date, and offers a fun and relaxing opportunity to experience Worcester’s parks and be physically active AND mindful at the same time!

The Promise is Hope is proud to be providing live music to the final YITP event of the 2016 summer season. Please join us at Worcester Common Oval (455 Main St, behind City Hall) for Yoga at 10am and Live Music at 11am. There will be FREE coffee & snacks and even a WooBerry frozen yogurt truck. Yoga and music are both completely FREE and open to the public!

You can find out more about Ivy Child International and Yoga in the Park by visiting http://ivychild.org/



was formed when a group of artists, musicians, and dancers who shared a common dream of seeing an arts community that was open and accessible to everyone came together in Worcester, Massachusetts. (We were two of those original dreamers and attended the very early meetings where we discussed an arts program for kids in Worcester with our friends in 2010.) Each year since 2011, they welcome 30-50 kids ages 8–12 in the Main South area of Worcester, MA, offering experience and exposure in the arts at no cost. We partner with local businesses and organizations to offer a variety of art disciplines: Music, Creative Drama, Creative Writing, Dance, and Visual Art. This program is not meant to teach or train advanced art techniques, but instead is designed to act as a doorway to various art curriculums. This year, the camp will allow each child to experience each art discipline for 1 day, with an Open House at the end of the week where each child and his/her parent/guardian can see what he/she experienced and accomplished throughout the week.

This year, Ashley is going to be one of the music teachers at Main IDEA, hopefully fostering a great love for music into the hearts of these awesome kids.

If this is an organization and mission that speaks to your heart, Main IDEA can ALWAYS use help. Consider volunteering next year, and consider donating.

You can find out more about Main IDEA and find out how you can help at http://www.mainidea.org/