Our New Music, Our New Partners, and a Mini-Documentary

We are really excited to officially say that we are writing new material for a second album that we intend to record in October of this year! Our single, “Mary-Ann,” is a taste of what is to come as Ash and I continue to write songs that are meaningful to us and will hopefully continue resonate with you, our friends and supporters! (click here for a link to purchase the song)

Through a really special series of events and connections, we had the opportunity late last summer to open for the band, Brothers McClurg. The show was memorable for a number of reasons, including the kindred nature and chemistry we experienced with the three guys who comprise Brothers. We sat in on each other’s songs and played as if we had been performing together for a number of years. After a wonderful show, Chris and Anthony Hoisington, found members of Brothers, extended an invitation to Ash and I to take a trip to Batavia, NY and spend a day at Old Bear Studio with them. We would record one of our new songs, and they would shoot an episode for their mini-documentary series, Harmonized Sounds. We had just begun writing for our second album, and had been discussing and searching for the right people to work with for the recording process. The offer sounded good to us and we felt compelled to give it a try.

Our experience at Old Bear was really positive. The guys had set up a really comfortable and inspiring space in which to work complete with all of the gear we would need to make a wonderfully arranged song. Their team was knowledgeable of their gear and we got to work with some other top-notch musicians.

Though we have several new songs, we chose to record “Mary-Ann” for our Harmonized Sounds episode. The Old Bear team assisted us with rearranging the song to a point where we all felt it would be at its best. We spent 13 hours together that day working diligently, experimenting with various instruments, and laughing a lot as we sought to create an interesting, subtle, and sensitive sonic tapestry over which we could lay our vocals. Despite the regular intake of coffee, Ash, myself, and the team at Old Bear were exhausted, but in the way that feels so right – like you’ve just worked your tail off at something you were made to be doing. We had been searching for the right studio and producer to capture our next album, and working on “Mary-Ann” gave us the assurance that Old Bear Studio would be the right team to work with!

Our time recording with the team at Old Bear Studio has been captured and tastefully presented in the following 17-minute mini-documentary! We hope you enjoy hearing more of the story behind “Mary-Ann” and getting a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to record a song. We suggest you grab a snack and your favorite beverage and enjoy!