This Weekend’s Portland & Worcester Shows

It’s really rare that we actually get to go to concerts. Maybe twice a year, we’ll buy a ticket to see our favorite big act in Boston. But a few weeks ago, a friend (our official TPIH cat-sitter, Cheryl) texted us to ask if we wanted to spontaneously go to a secret show somewhere in the city. We’d never heard of Sofar, but pretty instantly connected with the mission, one that has driven us, too: to curate beautiful shows, featuring the highest caliber musicians, in intimate and lovely spots in Worcester. That night in December, in the old Printer’s Building downtown, we got to meet and hear one of the best musicians we’ve seen in a while; Max Garcia Conover. His music was both rowdy and vulnerable. Fun, interesting and raw. It was refreshing and honest, and not lacking immense talent. We instantly knew we had to bring him to Nine Dot.

Max Garcia Conover. Photo: Shaw Photography

As many of you know, we’ve been curating intimate listening-room shows in a small art gallery in Main South, Worcester for about a year. We’ve had some incredible musicians play with us in this intimate setting, and we are proud to welcome Max this Sunday, March 12 (6pm).

There are only a small number of tickets available. You can find them here. Buy them online to save a few bucks and make sure you have a reserved seat.

Max hails from Portland, Maine, and we have a good friend who’s been dying to throw a house show in her grandparents’ old mansion up there. So, if you’re in the Portland area, you can also hear us play with Max on Saturday, March 11. We’re keeping the address private, so if you’d like to come, shoot us an email at