Remember the first song you two danced to? That Christmas classic that makes you feel like the holiday magic like a kid again? The song that got her through chemotherapy and her fight with cancer?

Music is a powerful gift that can transport us back to a particular place in time, and awaken the full range of emotions. If you’re anything like we are, you have “sound tracks” for your life. Songs you turn to for a pick-me-up, to process sadness, to feel strong.


We would love to help you create special and memorable moments by recording a special song for a special someone on your behalf. This could be for a birthday, an anniversary of some sort, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, or just for the heck of it! And it could also just be a song for the most special person of all: YOU.

Here’s how it works:

1  Shoot us an email at (subject SEND A SONG REQUEST).

2  Choose a song from OUR SONG BOOK

3  Let us know if there’s a special occasion that we are recording the song for, and we’d be happy to say something special in the video

4  We record the song, edit the video, and put it up on Youtube

5  Upon payment, we send you the song video link, AND an MP3 of the audio recording

6  You share it however you’d like!


Songs from our Songbook are $200, OR we could learn a song we don’t know for $300.


Take a peak at the examples below for a taste of what we are offering.

Ray LaMontagne's "Trouble" for Truong Vo's Birthday

Anais Mitchell's "Old Fashioned Hat" for Ari & Dan's Wedding Anniversary